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View a Health Dataset in HDA

Record view page overview

Once you have discovered health datasets of interest, the Health Data Australia (HDA) portal provides a comprehensive overview of each dataset's metadata, providing essential information about the dataset and the access option. You can also save the health dataset to your MyHDA profile page, which gives you quick access to this dataset in the future.

One of the prominent features of the record view page is the ability to examine the dataset's connections to other entities. By navigating through the graph visualisation and the listed related parties, you can get a clear understanding about the origin and sourcing of the health dataset, i.e. the funder and the collector. The related study section provided additional details about the study to which the dataset is related. This information expands the scope of understanding by providing valuable context and background information about the dataset.

The figure below shows an example of a record view page in HDA and the name of different sections on the page.

Fig 1.1 Record View Page in HDA

Title Bar

The title bar on the record view page presents the most essential information about the health dataset. It includes the dataset's title and the name of its publisher, allowing users to quickly identify and understand the dataset they are reviewing. An icon in the top-right corner specifically indicates the record type.

Data Access and Saving Options

This section provides you with intuitive functionality to interact with your desired datasets. Clicking the button "Access the data" will redirect you to an Express of Interest (EOI) form, in which you can fill in detailed information about yourself and the project you're working on, in order to be granted approval to access the health dataset.

Clicking the button "Save to MyHDA" allows you to save the dataset to MyHDA profile page, so that you can quickly retrieve the dataset for future reference and analysis.

For a more detailed instruction about how to request access to a health dataset, see: How to Request Access to a Health Dataset

For more information about the saved datasets, see: MyHDA > My Saved Data Requests

Dataset Description 

The Dataset Description section serves as a reference point that provides an overview of the health dataset.

Graph Visualisation

The interactive Graph Visualisation section offers intuitive functionalities for you to explore different connections associated to the health dataset. This powerful feature allows you to uncover relationships with various individuals, organisations, and other health datasets on multiple levels. Different vertices represents different type of entities. The arrows between these vertices indicates the way they are related. You can also double-click any vertex on the graph to see if it's connected with other vertices, so that you can have a more comprehensive view about how data and people/organisations are connected.

For a more detailed instruction about how to use the graph visualisation, see: Graph Visualisation

Related Parties

This section introduces the individuals and organisations that are related to the current health dataset in text format. For more information about the related parties, see: Related Parties


Each subject in the dataset represents a descriptive element that highlights the primary focus of the health dataset. It aids in the discoverability of datasets and facilitates searching, filtering, and categorisation of datasets that align with your research interests or information requirements. Clicking a subject will redirect you to a search result page displaying all the datasets associated with that subject in their metadata. This allows for convenient exploration and enhances your ability to find relevant and valuable information for your own research needs.


The Identifiers section lists all the available identifiers of the current health dataset and will provide redirection to the identifier if the identifier is resolvable.

Related Study

In HDA, every health dataset is related to a study. This section serves as a valuable resource for understanding the context, background, and additional information related to the dataset's associated study. For more information about the related study, see: Related Study

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