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Data Source Activity Log

The Activity Log is used to display information about the activity which has occurred within your account. Activities such as harvests, imports and updates to your account will create log entries. Errors which have occurred during activates will be highlighted red.

Displaying more log entries

The Activity Log will only show the last 10 entries by default. 

To access older entries simply:

  1. Click the 'Show More' link which is shown in the bottom left hand corner of the table. 

  2. The next 10 entries will be displayed. 

  3. Step 1 can be repeated to show more entries.

Viewing log entries

By default the page will only display the title of each activity in the log. 

To view more information about an activity:

  1. Click once on the title. 

  2. The log entry will expand displaying more information. 

  3. Click the title again to collapse the entry.

Harvester error entries are highlighted in red background. To view the complete error message, simple click on the title of the entry.

More information:

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