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Registering for Research Vocabularies Australia

Use a Vocabulary

Using any of the published vocabularies in Research Vocabularies Australia does not require registration:

Give Feedback on Vocabularies

Similary, sending your feedback on vocabularies does not require registration:

  • Request for the addition of a vocabulary: Simply email . A Service Desk issue will be created and you will receive a response from ARDC when the vocabulary has been added or an explanation why a vocabulary cannot be added or if we need more information

  • Suggest a change or correction to an existing vocabulary : Access MyVocabs using your AAF or social media account

Publish a Vocabulary

Research Vocabularies Australia provides two options to publish a vocabulary. Both options require registration.

  • Publication without using the RVA editor (RVA > MyVocabs > Add a new vocabulary)

    1. MyVocabs registration is required if you are not an existing Data Source Administrator (DSA) for your organisation. 

  • Publication using RVA editor:

    1. First, register to get access to the RVA editor to create your vocabulary.

    2. Publish the vocabulary you created in the RVA editor to RVA portal using your AAF account (RVA > MyVocabs > Add a new vocabulary from PoolParty). MyVocabs registration is required if you are not an existing Data Source Administrator (DSA) for your organisation.

MyVocabs registration procedure



IMPORTANT Note:  Existing Data Source Administrators (DSAs) who wish to publish a vocabulary for their organisation can use their AAF account to login to MyVocabs.

  • Go to

  • Login to MyVocabs using your AAF account or social media account

  • Notify when you have successfully logged in

  • ARDC Services will notify you when your account has been given access to your organisation.

RVA Editor (PoolParty) registration procedure



  1. Be ready to provide the following information about your institution to your ARDC Outreach Officer or to :

    1. Organisation Info

      1. Organisation Acronym or Abbreviation (NOTE: Refer to ARDC List of Partner Organisations)

      2. Your chosen PoolParty project Title/Name (Project metadata)

    2. User Information (initial requirement)

      1. Primary Contact Name and email address 

    3. Other users:

      1. User full names and email addresses (optional, these can be provided at a later stage)

      2. PoolParty access level for each user  (optional, these can be provided at a later stage)

    4. Vocabulary Preliminary Info 

      1. Number of vocabularies you wish to publish initially

      2. Natural language(s) used in those vocabularies

      3. Vocab format(s) (optional)

      4. Preferred vocabulary URI pattern

      5. Preferred vocabulary title to appear in PoolParty

  2. Have the RVA Participant Agreement form signed by a senior representative of your institution.

  3. Send a scanned copy of the signed participant agreement to or to your ARDC Outreach Officer

  4. You will receive a notification from ARDC with your PoolParty account details. For security reasons, user accounts and passwords will emailed directly to users. You should receive the following information from us:

    1. Your PoolParty project details (organization name, project name, etc)

    2. Your user accounts (emailed individually)

    3. Relevant links and documentation.


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Service Access:

Vocabulary Portal| ARDC PoolParty|

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