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Using Research Vocabularies Australia: A Checklist

A printable version of this document is available below.

The Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) provides Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA) which helps you find, access, and reuse vocabularies for research. Some vocabularies are hosted by ARDC and can be accessed directly through RVA. Otherwise RVA provides a link to the vocabulary owner’s web page. RVA caters for researchers and those who support, describe and discover research, including vocabulary managers, ontologists, data managers and librarians. Through engagement with the research community, RVA will grow to cover a broad spectrum of research fields - across sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities. Many of the vocabularies you can discover here are immediately accessible, either directly through RVA or via partners and publishers, and are free to use (subject to licence conditions).

There are 3 main activities under Research Vocabularies Australia:

  1. Publish a vocabulary – ARDC offers our partners  options to create or manage a vocabulary using the RVA editor (PoolParty), to publish and describe a vocabulary using the RVA Portal or to store non-publicly accessible vocabulary files and information about those vocabularies in the RVA repository. ( )

  2. Use a vocabulary – ARDC partners can view and explore published vocabularies in the Research Vocabularies Australia Portal or use an available vocabulary using an ARDC widget or API (SISSVoc). ( )

  3. Give feedback on vocabularies – ARDC offers our partners an option to request for the addition of a new vocabulary via or the feedback button

    within the RVA pages or  suggest changes to a vocabulary (available to authorised and logged in users). ( )

This questionnaire is meant as a checklist to cover off on some of the important considerations before using any of the Research Vocabularies Australia services.

  • Organisation Name: _____________________________

  • Organisation’s primary contact: ____________________________

  • Primary contact’s email address: ______________________________

Publishing a vocabulary

ARDC offer options to publish a vocabulary.  Which of the following services are you interested in?

Service setup requirement:

Has the Research Vocabularies Australia agreement been reviewed and signed by someone of authority within your organisation?

  • Yes      
  • No

(Please send scanned copy to your ARDC Outreach Officer or to )

Vocabulary information:

Does your organisation have administrative responsibility for the vocabulary you wish to publish? 

  • Yes      
  • No

Does your organisation have a specific person assigned to manage the vocabulary and liaise with ARDC on any matter concerning the published vocabulary?

  • Yes      
  • No

 Using a vocabulary

ARDC offer options to use a vocabulary. Which of the following services are you interested in?

Give Feedback on vocabularies

ARDC offer options to give feedback on vocabularies.  Which of the following services are you interested in?

  •  Request for the addition of a vocabulary
  • Simply email A Service Desk issue will be created and you will receive a response from ARDC when the vocabulary has been added or an explanation why a vocabulary cannot be added or if we need more information

  •  Suggest a change or correction to an existing vocabulary

This checklist was completed by:

Signature/Date:   ______________________________

Complete name:  ______________________________

Title/Designation: ______________________________

Using RVA-A Checklist.docx


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Service Access:

Vocabulary Portal ARDC PoolParty |

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