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Research Vocabularies Australia: ARDC’s new vocabulary service API

The API which underpins much of the functionality of Research Vocabularies Australia is now publicly available. Through the use of the API, users are able to manage, access, and reuse vocabularies from within their own systems and websites. The API also enables users to create new services or extend existing service capabilities in new and creative ways.


Automate vocabulary management

The API makes it easier to use ARDC vocabulary services in your own systems. Instead of manually clicking through the web UI, save time by integrating the API endpoints into your systems to automate common vocabulary management tasks such as creating, updating, and publishing vocabularies and versions.

Give your users the website they want

Use API endpoints to dynamically retrieve vocabularies for use in your website. This is just how the Research Vocabularies Australia portal works. Everything that happens in the portal results from API calls. Use these same API endpoints to support the functionality and user experience you want in your website.

The following JSFiddle Example demonstrates how the API can easily be combined with the Research Vocabulary widget to create an interactive UI that allows users to select and explore your vocabularies.

Proven technology

The API is constructed using the OpenAPI specification and toolset, consuming and producing structured data. A rich set of fully-described public and secure endpoints are available through a Swagger interface.

Getting started

If you want to explore the vocabulary service platform but don’t know where to begin, we’ve published a guide that will provide you with information to get up and running using the API, including sample API workflows.


ARDC is keen to hear what you want from a vocabulary service API. Get in touch via

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