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Vocabulary Registry API

Research Vocabularies Australia contains a number of user-accessible components:

  • a vocabulary metadata Registry, which manages the catalogue of vocabularies and controls ingestion and publication of vocabulary data;

  • a Repository of vocabulary data, providing access through SPARQL and Linked Data APIs;

  • a Portal for discovery and to provide front-end access to the registry and repository.

The Registry is the main "engine" of the entire Vocabulary Service; it "owns" the vocabulary metadata catalogue, and it controls the vocabulary publication process.

The Registry's functionality is accessible to clients as the Vocabulary Registry API. The Portal is such a client: communication between Portal and Registry is done exclusively using the Registry API.

The Registry API is accessible for you to use in your own applications. You can use the API to automate anything you would otherwise do in the Portal, and more besides.

This group of documentation pages explains how to access and use the Registry API. To get up to speed, we suggest that you read the pages in sequence, starting with Getting started with the Vocabulary Registry API. Each page has "page turner" links at the bottom to guide you through the pages in the recommended sequence.

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