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Bulk Tagging Tool panes

The Bulk Tagging Tool is a search interface that is made up of four sections or panes:


The Search Pane

Use the Search Pane to conduct text searches and apply custom filters.


The Facets Pane

Use the Facets Pane to quickly refine your search results by common record attributes.


 The Tags Pane

The Tags Pane is used to display a listing of all the tags assigned to the records in your search results (or records selected in your search results). This pane is used to add and delete tags from records.

It is easy to identify secret tags! They are the tags highlighted in orange in the Tags pane.


 The Search Results Pane

Use the Search Results Pane to browse search results and select specific records.

Tags used for any record in the Search Results pane will be displayed under the record title.


More information:

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