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Account Administration Information

These settings contain basic information about your account. It is important to keep this information up to date so that ARDC can easily get in contact with you in the event of system changes/planned outages.

'Sample 'Account Administration Information' screen

Field NameDescriptionExample
  • A unique ID identifying your Data Source within the ARDC systems. 
  • This key is allocated by ARDC and cannot be changed once the account has been created.
  • The key is for your Data Source, and is not the same as the key each individual metadata record will have.
  • The name of your Data Source. 
  • This may be an organisation name or a repository name. 
  • The title will be used to identify your data source account throughout the registry pages.
Australian Institute of Marine Science Metadata Catalogue
  •  The name of the owner of this Data Source administrative record, usually an organisation name that is not ambiguous, i.e. the full organisation name. 
  • Acronyms, contractions or nicknames are not permitted.
 Australian Institute of Marine Science
Contact Name
  • Personal name of the Data Source Administrator that can be disambiguated.

Contact Email
  • Organisational email address of the Data Source Administrator.  
  • A generic or group email is also accepted provided the listed data source administrator has access to this email account.
  • Any information useful to record about the Data Source or its activities.

More information:

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