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Access policy

Use AccessRights instead of AccessPolicy to describe access policies for services. AccessPolicy has been deprecated to align encoding of access information across all RIF-CS Object types.

Meaning & purpose

Services can have access policies described through a link to a web page or other resource that describes or invokes the policies for accessing a service. AccessPolicy is contained within the Service element.

Use in Research Data Australia

This element does not display in Research Data Australia.

Best practice

New providers, and those reviewing their RIF-CS implementation, should use AccessRights instead of AccessPolicy to describe access policies for services. 

Change history

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DateChange history

14 April 2011

First web publication

18 Nov 2016

Added recommendation to use accessRights instead of accessPolicy

11 July 2017

Reviewed content

5 Dec 2018

Added advice that AccessPolicy has been deprecated in latest RIF-CS changes, v 1.6.3

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