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RIF-CS 1.6 Changes (2014)

24 November 2014   

We are pleased to announce that changes to the RIF-CS schema have been finalised and now available as RIF-CS version 1.6. These  schema changes have been approved by the RIF-CS Advisory Board (RAB).

  • Addition of 'gcmd' vocabulary term to subject/@type
    • Data providers will have the option to use Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) as a subject type when describing a collection.
    • There will be no impact on those organisations that choose not to use the new subject type. Optional, use as applicable.
  • RIF-CS implementation to support services over data and enable providers to describe data 'openness'
    • Changes include:
      • addition of new location/address/electronic attribute @target to allow providers to specify a landing page and/or a download URL
      • addition of new location/address/electronic sub elements title, notes, mediaType and byteSize to allow providers to describe a download target 
      • removal of location/address/electronic/@type vocabulary term 'wsdl'
      • addition of 'open', 'conditional' and 'restricted' vocabulary terms to rights/accessRights/@type to enable users to assess the 'openness' of the data collections described using RIF-CS
    • These changes will allow Research Data Australia users to visually identify when a dataset is available online, or when a service or tool is available to access the data.
    • Providers, on the other hand, will be able to describe the type of access to their research data using the new vocabulary terms, enabling users to search for open access datasets across Research Data Australia with ease and in efficient manner.
    • Optional, use as applicable.

ANDS Online Services will be updated on the first week of December to support RIF-CS 1.6. Please note that no immediate action is required unless you want to take advantage of the possibilities that the new structure allows. The minutes of this year's RAB meetings are available here.

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To learn more about these changes, join us for a webinar:

** Start time: 12:30pm = ACT, NSW, VIC, TAS | 11:00am = NT | 12:00pm = SA | 11.30am = QLD | 9:30am = WA  

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