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Release 44 (28 June 2022)

Release 44 of ARDC Online Services is scheduled for implementation on 28 June 2022,  between 8am and 12pm AEST. This release implements a number of enhancements and bug fixes to Research Vocabularies Australian and Research Data Australia and  minor change to RIF-CS controlled vocabulary. Below is the list of all the changes planned for this release.

Research Data Australia

  • Add configuration options to the Broken Link Checker that will allow the exclusion of specific data sources and HTTP status codes


  • Addition of identifier type "ror" (Research Organization Registry identifier) to the RIF-CS vocabulary

Research Vocabularies Australia

  • Fix the remaining places in the Portal's error messages that still linked to the old ANDS services email address 

  • Use the latest version of the PoolParty export API method to fetch vocabulary data and project metadata
  • Add a "Community lens" finding aid feature, accessible from the top-level menu bar

Other Changes

Note that the following APIs will be decommissioned as part of Release 44. Based on our server logs these APis are not being used by external systems. However, If you have any concerns please get in contact via

During the implementation, the following services are impacted: 

  • Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA) portal

The following services are not impacted and will still be available during release implementation:

  • Research Data Australia portal
  • Research Data Australia registry
  • Research Vocabularies Australia editor (PoolParty)
  • ARDC DataCite DOI Service
  • Handle Service
  • IGSN Service

A soft release on the Demo environments is happening on 27 June 2022. The following services will be intermittently unavailable during the soft release:

  • Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA) portal

Please schedule your activities accordingly. Feedback or comments should be sent to Thank you for your support.

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