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NHMRC Grants Information Terms of Use


Terms of Use


The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grant information is made available through Research Data Australia (RDA) to enable Australian research institutions to link research grants with their data outputs. This linkage makes it easier to discover research outcomes, trace research impact, re­use research data and foster new opportunities for collaboration. Machine access to this research grant information is possible using the  Research Activities API . 

The NHMRC is the custodian of the grant information. This information is also available free ­of ­charge to the public as downloadable datasets via the  NHMRC website . Any updates or corrections to the grant information are performed by the NHMRC and are reflected in RDA in subsequent updates.


While due care has been taken in its preparation, the NHMRC cannot guarantee and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, currency, completeness or interpretation of the information.

Data Currency

The grant information is updated annually in RDA from grant data provided to ARDC by the NHMRC and represents a snapshot of awarded grants at the time of update.

The RDA system does not allow changes to the grant attributes such as grant descriptions, name of investigators, fields of research, and other information provided by the NHMRC.

Note that the investigators on a project may change over time and even the administering institution. The information supplied is about the grant and is not active information about the current status of the research project. Many institutions also contribute research project descriptions to RDA . A search in the Projects and Grants area of RDA may return both a description of the grant and a description of the active project which may have additional and more current information than the grant description.

Data Notes

Some information about NHMRC grants contained in their publicly downloadable datasets are NOT available via RDA which provides an aggregated, generalised Grant/Project search service based on data from from multiple research funders.


The information that is available about NHMRC grants via RDA is:




Grant IDThe Application Identification Number assigned to the grant by NHMRC 
ResearchersThese are the investigators named on the grant. One of these researchers will have the role 'Lead Investigator' 
Administering Institution The Institution that administers the NHMRC grant funds as at the last date of payment is linked to the grant record. Note that the actual research work may be performed externally to this Institution. 
Funding Scheme and Sub­Type The major funding scheme category for the grant allocated by the NHMRC during the grant application process and additionally the sub­category. These are generally consistent with the historical naming conventions from RMIS and RGMS with some internal revision of existing nomenclature where it better represents the grant types and sub types currently active.. 
Title/Name For a description of Funding Schemes and Grant Sub Types ­ see NHMRC Website at: 
Title/Name (alternative) The simple title of the grant provided by the applicants The scientific title of the grant supplied by the applicants 
Year of Commencement The year in which the grant was first provided with funding ­ note that some grants are approved for a delayed start for various reasons and that the data here reflects that available at the time of preparation of the dataset. Subsequent changes will be reflected in the updated dataset in 2013. 
Year of Completion The last year in which the grant provides funding. 
Funding Amount The full amount awarded to the grant across all years of the grant as at the date this report was run. Note that indexation applied annually to some grants will change the total awarded and these changes will be reflected in future iterations of this report 
Subject (FOR) The most applicable field of research (6­digit code) selected by the applicants from the FOR classification list in Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification 2008 (ANZRC 2008). The FOR code supplied for some grants in the spreadsheet is not a valid code. In these cases the grant description in RDA does not have a subject field of type ANZSRC­FOR. Equipment Grants, Independent Medical Research Institute infrastructure funding and transitional block grants awarded during the de­blocking of the Medical Research Institutes have not been allocated an Field­of­Research code. 
Subjects (Research Keywords) Up to five keywords assigned by the investigators that best describe the research being undertaken 
Subjects (Health Keywords) Up to five keywords assigned by the investigators that best describe the possible health benefits of the research 
Brief Description A short description provided by the investigators of the research being undertaken 



For any further enquiry about the NHMRC grant information you can contact:

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