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Service: mint


Responsible for the creation of a handle. If type and value are both empty a handle with no values is created. The handle is assigned an HS_ADMIN value at index 100 representing the handle server administrator and an AGENTID value at index 101 containing the handle of the owner of the newly created handle. If the owner is not known to the handle system, an owner is created from the identifier and authDomain values from the request and assigned a handle. This owner handle is also treated the same as a newly minted handle with the addition of a non-publicly readable DESC value at index 102 describing the owner.

Service Type:



type (Mandatory)

Must be either empty, "DESC" or "URL".

value (Mandatory)

Must be either empty, contain brief descriptive text (type=DESC) or a URL (type=URL).

index (Optional)

A numeric value indicating the index at which to store the value.

Example Request:

URL Home Page


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<request name="mint">
        <property name="appId" value="exampleAppID"/>
        <property name="sharedSecret" value="exampleSharedSecret"/>
        <property name="identifier" value="ExampleUser"/>
        <property name="authDomain" value="ExampleAuthDomain"/>

Example Response:

<response type="success">
    <identifier handle="10378.2/12">
        <property index="1" type="DESC" value="ARDC Home Page" />
    <message type="user">Successfully authenticated and created handle</message>
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