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Service: listHandles


startHandle (Optional)


Returns a list of handles owned by the requestor, an owner being a combination of identifier and authDomain passed in the body of the request. Note this service is intended for listing a small number of handles for the use case of serving a self- managed GUI environment. Therefore its response is limited in the number of handles returned. If there is a need for obtaining all handles owned by a particular user please contact the service maintenance agency to discuss requirements as a more targeted service may need to be implemented to meet requirements. Alternatively, this service can be repeatedly called using the startHandle parameter which should be set to the last listed handle from the previous listHandles call.

Example response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<response type="success">
        <identifier handle="10378.2/12" />
        <identifier handle="10378.2/13" />
        <identifier handle="10378.2/14" />
        <identifier handle="10378.2/15" />
    <message type="user">Handle listing successful</message>
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