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How to Register to the DOI Service

Before you can start minting DOIs you need to register with ARDC for a DOI Fabrica account.

As part of the registration, ARDC will set you up as a Consortium Organisation and a Repository. Just like other ARDC services, service participants will have an opportunity to test the service before moving into production.

Registration Procedure

  1. Discuss your intent to use DOI Service with the PIDS Product Manager, or contact
  2. Review and  complete the DOI Minting Checklist to assess your readiness
  3. When you think you are ready to test the service, go to the ARDC Self-service portal at
  4. Go to 'ARDC Services' > 'Persistent Identifiers (PIDS)' > 'Request for DOI or IGSN service registration'.
    1. Complete the Request for DOI or IGSN service registration
      1. The following fields are required:
        • Organisation Information:
          • Organisation Name/Owner
          • Account Name/Repository Name -
          • A name for the DOI account. Usually an organisation or the repository. The repository name can be updated when logged in to Fabrica.
          • Environment

            If you wish to register to Production or Both Demo and Production, you need to have a scanned copy of the ARDC DataCite DOI Service Schedule .pdf signed by an authorised representative of your institution.

            Services will need the scanned copy of the signed agreement only in order to register your organisation to  the production production system. The fully executed agreement will be sent by the Contracts team to your organisation's contact.

            If you  request for registration to the test environment only, you will need to send another request to register to the production system.

        • Account Contacts:
          • System email - This is the email used for sending password reset requests and similar system notifications.
          • Service Contact full name - The name  of the organisation's primary DOI contact whom ARDC will get in touch with in regards to administrative and or technical changes or updates
          • Service Contact email address - The  email of the organisation's primary DOI contact whom ARDC will get in touch with in regards to administrative and or technical changes or updates

        • Domains/subdomains - Comma separated list of domains or subdomains that DOI URLs will be resolved under. Remember DOI URLs must resolve to a public landing page that contains information about the associated dataset and a direct link to the dataset itself.

          The DataCite default is set to '*' to allow all domains but we would prefer that this is set only to the domains/subdomains the organisation would mint DOIs for. We require the domain list when you register to production.

      2. Optional fields:
        • Technical Contact full name (if different from Service contact) - The name  the technical support. This can be the organisation's Service Desk/Helpdesk team.
        • Technical Contact email address - The email for the technical support. This can be the organisation's Service Desk/Helpdesk team.
        • Additional information (any other information you wish to tell ARDC)

          • Group mailboxes are preferred over personal email addresses as they ensure ARDC has an ongoing contact point if a client's staff member changes role or leaves.
          • ARDC uses the service contact and technical contact emails for any relevant information or announcements relating to the ARDC DataCite service.
          • DataCite uses the service contact email for any necessary DataCite or system communications.
  5. When the form is complete, click 'Send' at the bottom of the page
  6. You will receive an email confirmation through the ARDC Self-service portal when your organisation has been registered in Fabrica system.  Your nominated system email will also receive a notification directly from DataCite Fabrica with the link to set the password.
  7. You should also receive the following information from us via email of by logging in to the Self-service portal:
    1. Test registration information:
      • The test Fabrica web interface URL:
      • Your username or Repository ID

        ARDC assigns the repository ID. Once assigned, it cannot be modified.

      • Your test prefix
      • The relevant links to the DataCite technical documents to guide you in setting up your DOI client
    2. Production registration information:
  8. The link to setup your repository password will automatically be sent to the registered system email. Please make sure you check your Spam folder if you have not received it yet after receiving an email from ARDC Services or an automated JIRA notification email.

At this stage, your repository accountID and password are shared among all the users within the organisation’s repository members therefore, we strongly recommend that  you only distribute the credentials to anyone who has valid business requirements for access.

  • Upon registration for the DOI test service, you will be issued with a testing account. DOIs minted using this account are registered with Data Cite but are not registered in the global Handle System. Test DOIs are deleted by DataCite on an irregular basis but normally after a month or so. 
  • You can update the details of your repository account when logged in to Fabrica. See this DataCite help page for more information on the fields available in the user interface.

When logged in to the DataCite Fabrica system, you will be able to:

  1. View the organisation's DOI registration details and change them accordingly.
  2. List all DOIs minted (both manually and via the API)
  3. Manually mint a DOI or update a DOI URL or metadata using the manual entry form or by updating the XML via the File Upload functionality.
  4. Change States/Status of your DOIs

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