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DOI Service: Minting Checklist

This checklist outlines 10 things you should tick off before you start minting DOIs using the ARDC DOI Service:

  • Have you read the information about the ARDC DOI minting service? The DOI FAQs are also a useful place to start.
  • Are you aware of the resource types that are eligible (and ineligible) to be assigned a DOI through the ARDC service? See DOI Service - Service Scope for full details. In addition to these conditions, your data and related materials are required to be:
    • a citable part of the scholarly record
    • persistently available
    • able to fulfil the mandatory metadata elements to mint a DOI.
  • Have you read the ARDC DOI service policy statement which outlines the requirements of materials that will be assigned a DOI? Note that the more metadata you supply the richer the data record will be, increasing the potential for discovery, reuse and citation.
  • Who in your institution will take responsibility for DOIs? For guidance see DOI FAQs – most asked – who should mint and manage DOIs within an institution?
  • Did you know that once you assign a DOI, you are responsible for maintaining the DOI, including the link from the DOI to the metadata landing page that describes your data or related materials?
  • Are you aware that ARDC (and DataCite) offers a manual DOI minting service as well as a machine-to-machine service? Each of these options is outlined on the DOI service > Ways of using the service web page.
  • Have you considered guidelines or business rules to guide your DOI minting? For institutional examples see DOI FAQs – most asked – do we need rules for our DOIs?
  • Have you identified the people and skills, infrastructure, support and resourcing you will need to mint and maintain DOIs? Consider: Who will be the contact with ARDC regarding maintenance of the DOIs e.g. to fix broken links, update metadata? Who will provide information and help to your researchers?
  • Have you registered for a DOI Service Account? This is required before you can start minting DOIs through the ARDC service. Just like other ARDC services, you will have an opportunity to test the service before moving into production.
  • Do you need help in minting DOIs from ARDC? Contact
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