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Meaning & purpose

The Rights element is a wrapper for RightsStatement, Licence and AccessRights child elements for a collection or service, in both text and URI formats.

  • Rights statement refers to information about the rights (such as copyright or moral rights) held in a collection or service.
  • Licence refers to a legal statement giving official permission to do something with a collection or service.
  • Access rights refers to rights of access and any access constraints, including who may access and when access may occur, for a collection or service.

Use in Research Data Australia

Rights information is displayed prominently in Research Data Australia to support researchers in reuse of research collections.

Best practice

Wherever possible, provide rights statement, licence and access rights information as separate elements within the Rights wrapper.

See Rights statementLicence and Access rights for detailed information on these elements.

XML encoding example

Example showing preferred use of rights element with rights statement, licence and access rights provided as separate elements

<rightsStatement rightsUri="">Copyright 2014, The University of South Australia</rightsStatement>
<licence type="CC-BY" rightsUri=""></licence>
<accessRights type="Open" rightsUri="">In accordance with the UniSA Open Access policy></accessRights>


Change history

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Change history

21 Nov 2011

First web publication. Element introduced as part of RIF-CS v1.3.0 with effect from 7 Dec 2011

27 Nov 2015

Updated all information. 

14 Dec 2016

Reviewed page. Separated the information for Access Rights, Licence and Rights Statement into separate pages



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