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RIF-CS 1.6.3 Changes (2018)

28 November 2018

The RIF-CS Advisory Board recently approved a number of changes to the RIF-CS Schema. These changes are now represented in a new minor version: 1.6.3.

Points to note

  1. No structural changes to the schema will be introduced with v1.6.2. Changes affect vocabulary terms only. All changes are optional. There are no backwards compatibility issues.
  2. This information provides advance notice of approved changes.
  3. ANDS systems and support materials will be updated to support the new version of the schema in December.

Changes from 1.6.2 to 1.6.3

Addition of ten new Service Types to the Vocabularies for Registry Schema

  • ESRI:ArcGIS:GPServer
  • ESRI:ArcGIS:ImageServer
  • ESRI:ArcGIS:MapServer

Components affected: 

  • <service/@type>

Driver: The addition of new Service Types to the Vocabularies provides new paths to discovery of services and collections and encourages consistency in their description.

Usage: Optional. Contributors will need to add the appropriate service type to their records if they wish for those records to be found using the Service Type (Service object) or Access Method (Collection object) filters in Research Data Australia.

Deprecation of Service Access Policy in favour of the use of the Access Rights element

Components affected: 

  • <accessPolicy>
  • <accessRights>

Driver: The deprecation of Access Policy simplifies the schema and promotes consistency of approach to access rights description.

Usage: Optional. Contributors will need to add any Service Policy information to the Access Rights element if they wish for this information to display in Research Data Australia. (Access Policy does not currently display in Research Data Australia and very few Contributors have information in this element).

For feedback or questions, please email:

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