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Release 45 (26 October 2022)

Release 45 of ARDC Online Services is scheduled for implementation on Wednesday, 26th October 2022, between 8am and 12pm AEDT. This release implements a number of enhancements and bug fixes to Research Data Australia (RDA) and Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA). Below is the list of all the changes planned for this release.

Research Data Australia

  • Portal: Update home page subject tile title to "Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences"

  • Portal: Update/Remove "DataCite" heading displayed above citation text in the Cite popout in RDA
  • Portal: Rename AAF Login Tab
  • Portal: [Bug] Online Services footer and other places: NCRIS link is not working 
  • Portal: [Bug] RDA record view: relatedInfo pop up - ORCID link does not work 
  • Registry: Enhanced Registry relationship component.
  • Portal and Registry: Retrofit of new relationships API with RDA and other services 

Research Vocabularies Australia

  • Portal and Registry: add support for CC0 licence
  • Portal: use a GA4 measurement ID for Google Analytics 
  • Portal login page: rename tab "AAF Rapid Connect" to "Australian Access Federation Login"
  • Portal view page: fix display of related entity/vocabulary popups when content contains an apostrophe 

  • Portal: set SameSite and HttpOnly cookie attributes 
  • Portal footer and About page: update link from NCRIS logo 
  • Portal view page and CMS: force line breaks if text is just too long to fit 

  • Portal: percent-encode authentication tokens before sending to the Registry, to support user roles with non-ASCII characters 
  • Portal view page: make it easier to click the "View vocabulary" button in popups 
  • Portal CMS: fix the issue where tooltips stopped working

Other Changes:

During the implementation, the following services are impacted and will be intermittently unavailable: 

  • Research Data Australia Portal 
  • RDA Registry
  • Research Vocabularies Australia Portal

The following services are not impacted and will still be available during release implementation:

  • ARDC DataCite DOI Service
  • Handle Service
  • Research Vocabularies Australia Editor (PoolParty)
  • Data Retention Validation Service

A soft release on Demo is happening on Tuesday, 25th October 2022. The following services will be intermittently unavailable during the soft release:

  • Research Data Australia Portal 
  • RDA Registry
  • Research Vocabularies Australia Portal

Please schedule your activities accordingly. Feedback or comments should be sent to Thank you for your support.

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