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Release 40 (15 December 2020)

Release 40 of ARDC Online Services is scheduled for implementation on Tuesday, 15 December 2020, between 8am and 12pm AEDT. This release includes a completely redeveloped IGSN Service and enhancements and bug fixes to Research Data Australia and Research Vocabularies Australia. Below is the list of all the changes planned for this release.

 IGSN Service

  • Redeveloped IGSN service
    • Support for multiple IGSN MDS client accounts
    • Support for multiple metadata schemas
    • New API endpoints for bulk minting, updating and reserving
    • Ability to set the ownership of IGSNs to individuals or groups
    • Support for manually editing IGSNs created via the API
    • Additional authentication methods

Please note: A separate email regarding the implementation of the updated service and any associated impacts will be sent to existing IGSN service users as part of the release.

Research Data Australia

  • Addition of meta tags to collection view pages to support tracking by Altmetric 

Research Vocabularies Australia

  • Support the entry and display of language metadata in BCP 47 format 

  • Minor tidying and optimisation of the implementation of the browse visualisation 


During the implementation, the following services are impacted: 

  • Research Vocabularies Australia portal
  • IGSN service

The following services are not impacted and will still be available during release implementation:

  • Research Data Australia portal and RDA Registry
  • RVA editor (PoolParty)
  • DOI service
  • DOI Resolution
  • Handle service
  • Handle Resolution
  • IGSN resolution

A soft release on Demo is happening on Monday, 14 December 2020. The following services will be intermittently unavailable during the soft release:

  • Research Vocabularies Australia Demo portal
  • Demo IGSN service

Please schedule your activities accordingly. Feedback or comments should be sent to Thank you for your support.

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