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Release 37.1 (18 June 2020)

Release 37.1 of ARDC Online Services is scheduled for implementation on 18 June 2020, between 8am and 12pm AESTThis release includes new look ARDC colour schemes in the RVA and RDA portals and implements new URLs for all online services.

No significant downtime is scheduled for this release, however, some users may experience small interruptions in service availability while configuration changes are being performed.

While new service URLs will be implemented as part of this release, no immediate action is required by end users. Support and redirects for existing URLs will be implemented to ensure they continue to function as expected for the next 12 months. Updated service documentation reflecting the new URLs will be published as part of the release. Users are encouraged to transition to the new URLs at the earliest convenience.

New Service URLs

Research Data Australia

Research Vocabularies Australia

Handle Service API

DOI Service

Note: There is no expectation that DOI users in the process of transitioning to DataCite Fabrica implement the new DOI API URLs.

IGSN Service


A soft release on Demo is happening on 17 June 2020, between 8am and 12pm AEST. Users may experience small disruptions in service availability during this time.

The list of changes is available on the ARDC Software Release Notes page.

Please schedule your activities accordingly. Feedback or comments should be sent to Thank you for your support.





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