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Release 34 (29 October 2019)

Release 34 of ARDC Online Services is scheduled for implementation on Tuesday, 29 October 2019 between 8am and 12pm AEDT. This release implements a number of enhancements and bug fixes to Research Data Australia (RDA) portal, RDA Registry and Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA). Below is the list of all the changes planned for this release.

Research Data Australia

  • Enhance the RDA EndNote Export process:

    • Export collections of type software as 'computer program' 
    • Export authors in the same order as they are displayed in the title bar in RDA 
    • Maintain the original case of the input characters when generating .ris file
    • Decode HTML character coding prior to writing the content to .ris file 
  • Improve how authors under the record title in RDA view page are displayed:
    • Where citation metadata exist for datasets:
      • Display citation contributors as related researchers under the record title ordered by citation sequence number
      • Remove the '(Contributor)' relationship displayed after citationMetadata contributors in the RDA title bar
    • For collections, grants and activities, order related parties in the title bar and description, by Principal Investigators first (display name A-Z), followed by all other related parties in alphabetical order (display name A-Z).
    • For an activity record, remove 'Participant' relationship for all researchers and only specify the Principal Investigators.
    • Where a party displayed in the title bar has duplicates via identifier, attempt to display and link to the contributor's party before others 

RDA Registry

  • Update the RDA Harvester to support Elsevier Pure 
  • Modify the harvest/import process to allow crosswalks and imports to re-rerun on previously harvested records rather than to rerun the entire harvest when the crosswalk is updated
  • Add support for the harvesting of JSON content via the 'GET Harvester' method (e.g. CKAN) 
  • Addition of new harvest method 'JSONLD' for the harvesting and import of JSON-LD -

Research Vocabularies Australia

  • Improve and optimise RVA portal search:

    • Review and tune search ranking to improve search results 
    • Addition of new concept search functionality
    • Enhance search facets to provide users with the count of results which would be added to their search if applied 
  • Prevent the page from jumping to the browse visualisation text input when loading a vocabulary view page in the RVA portal
  • Allow browser scroll position history if navigating back to search results from a non search results page in the RVA portal
  • Update the RVA portal to properly attribute valuable contributors to the RVA service 

During the implementation, the following services are impacted: 

  • Research Data Australia (RDA) portal and RDA Registry
  • Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA) portal
  • DOI service
  • Handle service
  • IGSN service

The following services are not impacted and will still be available during release implementation:

  • RVA editor (PoolParty)
  • DOI Resolution
  • Handle Resolution
  • IGSN resolution

A soft release on Demo is happening on Monday, 28 October 2019. The following services will be intermittently unavailable during the soft release:

  • Research Data Australia (RDA) Demo portal and RDA Demo Registry
  • Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA) Demo portal
  • Handle test service

Please schedule your activities accordingly. Feedback or comments should be sent to Thank you for your support.

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