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Release 16 (24 Jun 2015)

15 June 2015

Release 16 of ANDS Online Services is scheduled for implementation on 24th June 2015. This release implements enhancements to the ANDS Vocabulary Service and some minor bug fixes received through the ANDS Service Desk.

ANDS Vocabulary Service:

  • Re-vamped vocabulary discovery portal (now using the same portal framework as RDA), including
    • Improved view page for vocabularies
    • Improved vocabulary metadata CMS for describing vocabularies within the portal
  • Upgrade and integration of the existing vocabulary repository with vocabulary portal and vocabulary editing suite (forthcoming)

RDA minor improvements:

  • Implementation of email notification to ANDS Service Desk when a Contributor Page is submitted for publication
  • Fix the issue that allowed duplicate records (same key) to be added to the Registry
  • Fix the link to related activities from the Contributor Page

Confirmation of previous urgent bug fixes:

  • Implementation of 'openness' tagging/annotation tool in Research Data Australia
  • Fixed the issue where old RDA URLs do not redirect properly in Research Data Australia

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