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R27 Announcements

28 February 2018

Release 27 of ANDS Online Services is scheduled for implementation on 7 March 2018. This release implements a number of enhancements to the Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA), DOI Service and and a few bug fixes and enhancements to Research Data Australia.

Research Data Australia

  • Update of the broken link on RDA About page's 'Become a contributor' link
  • Removal of 'Contact information' heading in RDA record display when contact information is not available 

DOI Service

  • Implementation of additional checks after each request made to DataCite to ensure correct handling of response 

Research Vocabularies Australia

  • Complete refactor of the RVA backend and publishing workflow. Notable changes include:


  • The canonical URL of the view page of a vocabulary has changed to be ID-based.
  • The URL of the resource IRI resolution service is changing. The users of this service will be contacted in a separate communication.
  • Slug generation has been improved. (Slug generation is applied to vocabulary and version titles, and is used, for example, in the URLs of generated SPARQL and LDA endpoints.) If a vocabulary or version title contains non-ASCII characters, slug generation will convert them into ASCII equivalents. For example, a version title "你好" will be converted into "ni-hao".


  • A subset of HTML elements is now officially supported and used in certain metadata fields: vocabulary description and note, and version note. An embedded HTML editor is provided; it is also possible to edit the raw HTML.
  • The related entity dialog has been substantially revised, to reflect the raising of related entities to "first class" objects.
  • The functionality to add a related vocabulary that is within RVA has been separated into a separate dialog.
  • When editing an existing published version, there is now a switch to request a one-off re-harvest/re-import/re-publication of that version, irrespective of its status as current/superseded. The switch is off by default.
  • Removal of a file access point from a published version is now supported.
  • When adding an access point to a version, an access point format can now only be entered for access point type = File (e.g. not for API/SPARQL).

Vocabulary View Page

  • The popup for a related entity now includes its websites (URLs) and identifiers.
  • In the related entity panel's list of "More vocabularies related to xxx", the full list of related vocabularies is shown, not just one.

Please note that changes listed above are the planned features, subject to  timetabling changes. 

For any comments or questions, please email Thank you.

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