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version 1.0.2

Version release date:

  • Demo: 1 August 2023

  • Prod: 8 August 2023


  • Add processedList to importedList to reduce duplicates

  • Imported records in the current batch or request should not be processed again by the affected handlers

version 1.0.1

Version release date:

  • Demo 11 April 2023

  • Prod 18 April 2023


Using Mycelium to normalise all Identifiers.

version 1.0.0

Initial version release date:

  • 4 April 2023


Initial release of the ARDC versioning standard. Refer to ARDC Online Services: Introduction of Maintenance Windows and Product Versions.

A relatively new RDA component which was released in 2022, Mycelium is currently in its initial release version.

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