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Health Data Australia

version 1.0.6

Version release date:

  • Demo: 17 October 2023

  • Prod: 24 October2023


  • Added use of test Jira project for Test and Demo

Fixed Defects:

  • Fixed bug in the add watchers code to ensure any assigned watchers are correctly added.

version 1.0.5

Version release date:

  • Demo: 26 September 2023

  • Prod: 26 September 2023


  • Updates to the text of the static home page.

  • Update Jira admin account email in config

version 1.0.4

Version release date:

  • Demo: 12 September 2023

  • Prod: 19 September 2023


  • Updates to the text of the static pages.

version 1.0.3

Version release date:

  • Demo: 1 August 2023

  • Prod: 8 August 2023


  • Replacement of the current typeface (Proxima Nova) with Figtree to confirm with ARDC branding guidelines.

version 1.0.2

Version release date:

  • Demo: 11 July 2023

  • Prod: 18 July 2023


  • Updated the "Related Study" section and added a new tab called "Data Sharing Statement" to allow users to access detailed information about the data sharing policy and supportive documents, if available.

  • Updated the Datacite to RIF-CS crosswalk for the health datasets, any related party listed as a creator in the Datacite metadata will now be accurately presented as a creator on the record view page.

  • Updated the error handling and exception catching mechanism to provide improved error management. Errors occurring at the backend are now properly handled, and detailed information regarding the error is displayed on the user-facing "An error occurred" page. This enhancement ensures a more transparent and informative error reporting experience for users.

Fixed Defects:

  • Resolved an issue in the crosswalk XSLT that resulted in the creation of duplicated party records.

version 1.0.1

Version release date:

  • Demo: 4 July 2023

  • Prod: 11 July 2023


  • Optimised the search algorithm for identifier search, allowing users to search for a study using the ACTRN identifier with or without the prefix.

  • Dataset identifier search and Study identifier search now support users to search using incomplete identifiers.

  • Improved user experience by providing detailed instructions about the identifier search rules when the search returns no results.

Fixed Defects:

  • The title tag incorrectly displayed "Title" instead of "Disclaimer" when navigating to the Disclaimer page in HDA. This issue has been fixed.

  • Fixed the issue where the search bar was missing on the disclaimer page.

  • Fixed the issue where a request could not be submitted due to the account type of the request assignee.

version 1.0.0

Initial version release date:

  • Prod 27 June 2023


Initial release of Health Data Australia (HDA) ( ) A centralised data catalogue designed to provide access to a wide range of health datasets.

Key Features of the Initial Release:

  • Data catalogue: HDA offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface to enhance the browsing and searching experience. Users can navigate through the available datasets and access the record view page to gain detailed information about each dataset and its related study.

  • Search Functionality: HDA provides powerful search capabilities, allowing users to conduct keyword searches and apply specific filters based on dataset title, description, and other relevant fields. Users can also utilise the faceted search to refine their queries.

  • Request Data Access: Users can request access to specific datasets for further analysis and research purposes on the dataset’s record view page. Once a request has been submitted, users can track its status and stay informed about the updates.

  • Other functionalities including save a dataset and save a search query are also made available in the initial release.

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