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GCMD keywords available via the ARDC vocabulary service

Published by NASA and adopted internationally as a de facto standard for describing earth science datasets, the Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) Keywords are now also available through the ARDC vocabulary service.  Used by organisations such as the Australian Oceanographic Data Centre, CSIRO, Geoscience Australia, and Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network, the keywords comprise a rich set of vocabularies covering earth science topics, data centres, projects, and platforms.

Provided by ARDC as an access service for southern hemisphere users, GCMD via ARDC contains all of the content of the NASA original.  

Access the keywords as a combined set or separately through these links.  

  • Earth Science and Earth Science Services

  • Chronostratigraphic Units

  • Data Centers

  • Horizontal Data Resolution

  • Instruments/Sensors

  • Locations

  • Projects

  • Platforms/Sources

  • Temporal Data Resolution

  • URL Content Types

  • Vertical Data Resolution

Access the keywords via web browser, Linked Data API, or SPARQL endpoint.  Easily add data classification capability to your web pages via the ARDC vocabulary widget.  


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