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Final Stage: Online Services Production Migration

As previously communicated, the ARDC is in the process of migrating many of the services in the Production environment to a new host. The first phase of the migration was successfully completed last week.

The last phase of the migration is scheduled for implementation on the 2 March 2020. This phase will see all services in the Production environment, except Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA), moved to a new host.

The switch to the new host will be carried out at the DNS level and should be invisible to end users. While no downtime is necessary during this phase of the migration, some users may be affected by the impact identified below.

Impact and Requirements:

Research Data Australia

Change: New IP address for the Production RDA Harvester (

  • Who is affected: Data Source Administrators (DSAs) who control harvesting from their repository with an IP whitelist.
  • Action required: If you currently or intend to harvest into the Production RDA environment, you will need to add the new IP address ( for the Production RDA Harvester to your whitelist.
  • Impact(low) The Production RDA Harvester will be unable to harvest records from your repository until you add the new IP address.

As mentioned above, this stage of the migration only affects non-RVA services in the Production environment. No changes are being made to RVA or any services in the Demonstration environment at this point in time.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Thank you for your support.

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