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RDA Demo Environment

Usage of the Demonstration Environment

The demonstration environment ("Demo") provides an instance of the RDA Registry where staff and external partners can experiment with the  software without these changes affecting the production registry. This  provides a technical staging environment for providers to test the  behaviour of their systems when interfacing with the RDA Registry.

Demo mirrors the production environment. This provides an environment with over 200,000 records and behaviour during testing/demonstration will be very similar to production.

Furthermore, Demo provides web services to the RVA Demo portal and the Handle test service. Providers should use Handle test service for testing their M2M systems and and also the RVA demo for testing vocabulary publication.

Like the production environment, Demo has its own demonstration portal, Research Data Australia (RDA) Demo.

When to use Demo

The environment should be used for technical staging and demonstration/training purposes.

Examples include:

  • testing whether the RDA Registry can harvest from your newly setup OAI harvest point
  • experimental testing of machine-to-machine to "mint" handles or DOIs
  • examining the behaviour of a certain RIF-CS element and how it would behave on RDA
  • crafting test records for use in training seminars or demonstration of registry software at conferences, etc.
  • allowing providers to familiarise themselves with the system (provided there is no expectation that any production records would be created).

When NOT to use Demo

The environment must NOT be used primarily for record staging. There is no mechanism to automatically "migrate" records from the demonstration environment to production. 

Availability of and access to Demo

Access to the demonstration environment will be available to any requesting party with a genuine use case. Demo will be available at all times, excluding the 24hrs preceding an ARDC Software release. During this window, the Services team will use the environment to test the deployment of the upcoming release.

As Demo is intended as a technical staging environment, a less aggressive backup strategy will be employed. No users should create production records in this environment and expect them to be readily available for restoration from backup

Please contact for any comment, feedback or concern.

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