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Overview of the HDA Data Request Platform

What is HDA Data Request?

HDA Data Request is a platform for data owners (or their delegates) to receive and respond to data requests submitted via Health Data Australia. To use the platform, you will need to:

  1. Register with us

  2. Provide metadata about your datasets

Once you are registered with us, a user account will be created for you. Our platform uses Jira software to manage requests. All requests are visible in your user dashboard. Your user dashboard is your central view of all the data requests that you’ve received. These include:

  • New requests

  • Requests that are in progress and require your action

  • Requests that are in progress and awaiting an action from the requestor 

  • Requests that have been completed or closed. 

From your dashboard you can open any of the requests you’ve received to view its details and to progress it through the request workflow. You can also download the request as a PDF (e.g. to forward to a chief investigator, data access committee, or anyone else who may need to review the request).

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