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How to obtain an AAF account

Access to Online Services is via a username and password that are valid within the Australian Access Federation (AAF). If you are unfamiliar with the AAF there is an excellent video animation explaining how this works.

If your institution is a member of AAF

  1. If your institution is a member, 
    • you should use your own institution's IdP (Identify Provider) credentials to log in to AAF enabled services
    • please contact your IT Services or your IT Helpdesk if you need to obtain your userID or request for a password reset.
  2. If your institution is a member of the AAF but your institution does not appear in the AAF institutional home list 'Where are you from', 

To check if your institution is a member of AAF, go to AAF subscribers list.

If your institution is not a member of AAF

  1. If you institution is not a member of the AAF please contact the AAF for information about joining. Learn more about AAF Virtual Home Organisation.
  2. International collaborators (researchers) can often obtain AAF identities through their Australian collaborative institutions. Contact the Australian institutional collaborator(s) or their IT Service departments to determine the options available.
  3. As the last option, please contact to obtain an ARDC-sponsored AAF VHO Account. 

    This option is is limited only to users from ARDC partner organisations  or those members having technical difficulty connecting to AAF but who need immediate Online Services access.

Having an AAF account does not guarantee your access to any ARDC Online Services. Procedures for access must still be followed. Here is the procedure on how to register to any of our services.

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