As announced in the Release 37 communications on Tuesday, 12 May 2020, the ARDC is in the process of creating accounts and documentation to support the technical transition of ARDC DOI Service users to DataCite DOI services (DataCite Fabrica and APIs). This document provides you with more detailed information on what the changes are, how they will impact you and when we expect the transition activities will be completed.

Why is the ARDC DOI service changing?

The ARDC offers minting of DOIs free of charge to the sector via our DOI service . This service is provided in partnership with DataCite, the global DOI consortium providing DOIs for research data and other research objects. Until now ARDC DOI clients have logged into local ARDC systems to request DOIs. In the background ARDC has registered these with the global DataCite systems.

Recently DataCite launched a new system called Fabrica. The Fabrica service now offers the same functionality as the ARDC DOI client service built ten years prior to Fabrica. With Fabrica now in place, our DOI clients will be moving to directly minting DOIs through the DataCite Fabrica service. 

What are the changes?

There are no changes to:

How will the change impact the users?

If you use the ARDC online form system (“My DOIs”):

API users:

When should DOI clients transition?


Timeline of activities:

Where can we get more information?

DOI Technical Changes webinar 

We are encouraging our DOI users to attend the DOI Technical changes webinar to learn more about the changes to the DOI Service.


For further assistance, questions and comments, you may send an email to