Release 22 impact and requirements

Please find below the summary of all Release 22 changes with an overview of who, what and how the changes will impact our users.

Research Data Australia (RDA)

Change: Display 'principal investigator' first in the list of related parties in collection records 

Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA)

Change: Migration of the RVA editor to PoolParty Release 5.6 (from Release 5.3.4)
Change: Change RVA Toolkit to work with PoolParty Release 5.6
Change: Update RVA Editor Admin Tool to work with PoolParty Release 5.6
Change: Update Elda library used inside the LDA web application

ANDS Registry

Change: Refactor ANDS Registry import and ingest process into smaller, robust, and testable components

DOI (Cite My Data) Service

Change: Implement solution to security vulnerability in Cite My Data service

Information about previous releases are available from the ANDS Documentation Page.

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