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6 December 2017


Release 26 of ANDS Online Services is scheduled for implementation on 6 December 2017. This release implements a number of Research Data Australia, DOI Service and ORCID-RDA Integration service fixes and enhancement requests received through the ANDS Service Desk. New RIF-CS vocabulary terms will also be introduced in RIF-CS v1.6.2. 

Research Data Australia

  • Correct the display of Contact Information for records having multiple location addresses
  • Fix the issue where inaccurate records are returned in RDA Suggested Datasets due to  incorrect subjects pool query
  • Review and update mapping for Collections and Services
  • Refactor the NLA pullback job to ensure that new NLA identifiers used in RDA records are retrieved from NLA and published in a timely manner
  • Fix the relationship index so that the correct authors are identified when exporting collections to EndNote
  • Fix the ordering of AKA name parts

RDA Registry

  • Allow data source administrators (DSAs) to customise the default CSW harvest parameters for their data source

ANDS DOI Service

  • Fix bug preventing updates to client accounts where the client id is a single digit
RIF-CS (v1.6.2)
  • Addition of IGSN, GRID, ScopusID, ISNI and RAiD as identifier types in RIF-CS
  • Addition of PONT, SCOT, APT, PSYCHIT and ISO639 subject types in RIF-CS
  • Simplification of RIF-CS identifier types 
Research Vocabularies Australia
  • Include missing JAR files in the vocabulary toolkit to allow parsing of vocabularies in some RDF formats (N3, N-Quads and TriX)
RDA-ORCID Integration Service
  • Retrieve and index ORCID name if ORCID ID is used as relatedInfo identifier 
  • ORCID Works Export: Upgrade the ORCID Works Export service to use ORCID API v2.0 
  • RDA to ORCID Import: Revisit business rules for extracting creation date when citationMetadata is not available 
  • RDA to ORCID Import: Add better error reporting  
  • ORCID Import wizard: change default type to 'dataset' (currently set to 'other')  

Please note that changes listed above are the planned features, subject to timetabling changes.

A separate email with the list of impact and requirements for each change will be sent out before the release. 

For any comments or questions, please email [email protected]. Thank you.


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