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Change Ref No.Proposal SummaryDiscussion PaperRAB DecisionApproval Date/Date of RAB Meeting
CC-1185Changes to accessRights types definitions (open, conditional, restricted)Changes to accessRights types definitions (CC-1185)

Proposal to change definitions of accessRights types accepted by RAB with the condition that ‘embargo’ will be moved from ‘conditional to ‘restricted’. 

CC-1090Addition of new activity type (grant)Addition of ‘grant’ as new activity type vocabulary term (CC-1090)Approved via email22Jan2015
CC-1092Addition of new description type for Activity (fundingAmount, fundingScheme, researchers)Addition of new description type vocabulary terms for Activity (CC-1092) Approved via email22Jan2015
CC-1239Amend definition of relation type hasCollectorAmend definition for collection-party relation type: hasCollector (CC-1239)Proposal to amend the collection-party relationship type ‘has Collector’ definition endorsed by RAB  07Aug2015
CC-1333Addition of new identifier type (fundref)New identifier type for parties – ‘fundref’ (CC-1333)Proposal to add ‘fundref’ as a new identifier type for parties endorsed by RAB  07Aug2015
CC-1054Addition of new collection types (sourceCode, classificationScheme, publication)Addition of new RIF-CS collection types (CC-1054) 11Sep2015 
CC-1189Addition of new service type (store) Addition of service type ‘store’ (CC-1189)

Proposal to add ‘store’ as a new service type endorsed by RAB 

NAExpanded definitions and examples of collection typesRIF-CS Collection Types: expanded definitionsAs a result of feedback received from RAB, and with the benefit of further research and offline discussion, the collection type 'sourceCode' was chagned to 'software'.03Nov2015
 CC-1179Addition of “Provenance” to Related Information Type VocabularyAddition of “Provenance” to Related Information Type Vocabulary (CC-1179)Approved via email (email sent 05Nov2016)11Nov2015
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