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Consortium Lead (ARDC)

  • The Consortium Lead is responsible to pay the Annual Consortium Fee for each calendar year to DataCite. 
  • Represents all organisations within the Consortium and takes on the membership responsibilities that are dictated by DataCite’s statutes. This includes in particular the annual participation in the General Assembly which approves DataCite’s budget, votes for the DataCite Executive Board and approve DataCite services fee structure. The Consortium Lead is encouraged to stand for the DataCite Executive Board.
  • The Consortium Lead should also be involved in establishing local governance of the consortium, including the consortium purpose, organisation, new member admission. Consortium organisations are not individual members of the DataCite association and are represented by the Consortium Lead.

  • The Consortium Lead may use DataCites’s name and logo to announce the DataCite Consortium and its status as the Consortium Lead. Use of the DataCite logo for any other purpose should be approved by DataCite in writing.




  • Operates and manages repositories within the DataCite services
  • Ensures compliance with the DataCite and ARDC policies, participates in the ARDC and  DataCite community  and governance activities
  • Ensures that DOIs resolve at all times


  • Provide technical infrastructure for minting and managing DOIs minted through the consortium