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Filter counts do not take collapsing of search results into account. Please refer to the Collapsing of search results section below for more information.


Where collapsing (see Collapsing of search results)  has has occurred, the collapsed versions/vocabularies can be accessed by clicking on the View other versions/View other vocabularies button shown at the bottom of the search result.


  • Searches for a single query term generate results containing any vocabularies which contain the entire word or the "stem" of the word in an indexed field. Refer to the Stemming section above.
  • Searches for multiple terms (i.e., space-separated) are treated as disjunctive queries: at least one term must match for a vocabulary to be included in the results.
  • The default sorting for searches with at least one query term is by ‘Relevance’, where each vocabulary in a search result is given a ranking based on how closely the vocabulary matches the entered parameters. 
  • The default sorting for searches with no query terms is by ‘Title A-Z’.
  • The following vocabulary metadata fields are analysed against your search terms:

    • Vocabulary title
    • Description
    • Notes
    • Concepts contained in the current version of the vocabulary (if available)
    • Top concepts
    • Subjects
    • Related entity titles/names (e.g., publisher)

Collapsing of



The collapsing of search results combines multiple results into a single result for display based on a set of shared properties. Collapsing has been implemented as a way of preventing the same resource  being repeated over and over in the search results, where the resource is contained in multiple versions of one or more vocabularies.