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Let's say you want to find all vocabularies published by a particular owner. You must know the "short name" of the owner. For example, that could be "ANDSARDC", "AODN", or "GA". If you don't know the possible short names, there's only one way to proceed: you'll need to use the getVocabularies method to get a list of all vocabularies. Each vocabulary in the list includes owner information, and you'll need to have a look through it to find the short name of the owner you want. (You can't use the search method for this purpose, as the search results don't include owner metadata.)


  • Use the getVocabularies method, and do your own filtering of the response based on the owner you want.
  • Use the search method. Specify the owner as part of the search terms. For example, to find all vocabularies with owner = "ANDSARDC", you could use this as the value of the filtersJson property:
    • {"pp":-1,"q":"owner:ANDSARDC"}

Add a new current version to an existing vocabulary that imports data from PoolParty