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Data Source Account#GettinganOnlineServicesAccount-dsa

DOI or Handle Service Account#GettinganOnlineServicesAccount-doi

Individual Researcher#GettinganOnlineServicesAccount-researcher




The below information explains the requirements and procedure for researchers and partners to access ARDC Online Services. 

The basic requirement for all users is they must hold a valid Australian Access Federation (AAF) account.

For Institutions or Partners

RDA Registry: Data Source Account setup 

When you need a new Data Source Account set up for your institution or organisation, discuss it with your ARDC Outreach Officer first so that they can assist you with completing the requirements listed below.


How to request for Data Source Account setup (new organisation)

  1. Send the following information and a copy of the signed Production Agreement Form to and to your ARDC Outreach Officer: 
    • Organisation / institution information
      1. Organisation name (only for new partners or institutions)
      2. Data Source Account name - The name of your Data Source. This may be an organisation name or a repository name.
      3. Data Source Account contact name and email
    • User Information
      1. User/Data Source Administrator (DSA) full name
      2. User's email address
      3. User's AAF Identifier
  2. ARDC will review your request and create the data source account as requested.
  3. A data source administrator (DSA) role will be assigned to the authorised user upon login confirmation.
  4. An email confirmation will be sent by ARDC when your request has been completed.
  5. Test your access and inform when successful.

How to add new data source administrator or new data source account:

  1. Send a request to ARDC 
  2. ARDC will review your request and create the data source account as requested.
  3. An email confirmation will be sent by ARDC when your request has been completed.
  4. Test your access and inform when successful.
  • The 'Records Management Settings' and 'Harvester Settings' of the data source account will be set to default values, if no details were provided. The Data Source Administrator must review the settings and edit the values as necessary.
  • For more information, please visit the Data Source Account Settings documentation page.


doidoiDOI Service (manual minting/My DOIs) or Handle Service (self-service tool)


  • AAF account (userID and password)
  • Your organisation must be be a registered DOI or Handle client, depending on what service you wish to access.
  • Approval from the organisation's nominated primary contact for the service.  


titleImportant Notes
  • If your organisation is new to either DOI or Handle service, refer to DOI Client Registration or How to register for the Handle service for information on how to register.
  • If you do not know who your primary contact is, you can send an email to for assistance.
  • Having a Data Source Administrator (DSA) account in the ARDC Online Services does not give you automatic DOI or Handle Service user access. To request for access to either tool, please follow the steps outlined below.


How to request for access to My DOIs or to the Handle Service self-service tool (new users)

  1. Send an email to or to your ARDC Outreach Officer (for institutions) and request access to your institution's DOI or Handle registration.
  2. ARDC will review your request and grant you access as requested, upon verification/approval from the primary contact.
  3. You will receive an email confirmation from ARDC when your request has been completed.
  4. Test your access and inform when successful.

How to check your access:

  • DOI: Go to Identifiers > Digital Object Identifiers (DOI). 
    • You should see your organisation's DOI registrations (for test and production, as applicable).
    • Click on 'Manage' on either of your registrations.  The My DOIs window will be displayed and this confirms your  access.

      • If you only have one application ID, you will be automatically redirected to My DOIs.
  • Handle: Go to Identifiers > Identify My Data (PIDS).

Research Vocabularies Australia

Instructions on how to register for Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA) is available on the RVA Documentation page.

For Individual Researchers

The RDA Registry is open to all Australian researchers who have valid AAF accounts.

By default, all logged in users have access to the Handle Service (Identify My Data) self-service tool to manually mint a handle.

Without logging in, read-only access to Research Data Australia (RDA) records Registry view is available to all users. To access the ARDC Collections Registry from RDA, click on '(Registry View)' down the bottom of the page.