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If your organisation creates or captures metadata using another schema such as ANZLIC, ISO19115, CKAN or Dublin Core, a crosswalk to RIF-CS may be available to automate the conversion of your existing records to valid RIF-CS on ingest to the RDA Registry. Assistance with crosswalks is available.

RIF-CS structure

There are four different kinds of ISO 2146 objects. These are:


Each RIF-CS element has attributes which refine that element's broader meaning. Usually these attributes are 'Types', for example 'Identifier Type' or 'Description Type'.

ANDS has There is a suggested vocabulary (a standard list of terms) for most RIF-CS attributes in the RDA Registry, as consistent terminology improves the precision of searching. 


Versioning of vocabularies

The ANDS RIF-CS vocabularies are not subject to version control. Vocabulary changes or the addition of new vocabulary types occur on an ongoing basis, following confirmation by the RIF-CS Advisory Board. User-defined terms are allowed for most elements, therefore use of deprecated vocabularies will not cause any problems for contributors. If you would like a new term added to a vocabulary, email

Changes to vocabularies are not linked or tied to RIF-CS versions in the RDA Registry or in Research Data Australia, although those may occur at the same time as changes in the schema.