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What is the Research Vocabularies Australia repository?

Vocabulary Toolkit and the RVA repository

The basis of the RVA repository is the Sesame Server and its API. RVA portal users can upload vocabulary data in formats such as CSV and PDF, but RDF formats (such as RDF/XML and Turtle) are treated specially in that they contain concepts which may be extracted for indexing. In addition, users can select an option for their RDF data to be imported into Sesame, and, if desired, that SISSVoc endpoints be created. If the data is imported into Sesame, the SPARQL endpoint is enabled.This functionality is provided to the portal by a Vocabulary Toolkit, implemented in Java and using a number of associated Java technologies including JAXB, JAX-RS, and JPA. The Toolkit uses the Sesame API to create and manage vocabularies stored in the repository's Sesame Server, as well as for transforming vocabulary data as needed.