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(Please note: the endpoint changed with ANDS Software Release 27, March 2018. Previously, the endpoint was Please update any services which are still using the old endpoint address. A temporary redirection will remain in place for a short period of time.)

The following query parameters are available:

Query parameterRequired/optionalMeaningExample
iriRequiredThe IRI to be resolved.
modeOptional; defaults to "current"The resolution mode. At present, only "current" is supported, and is the default value.current
suffixOptionalA suffix to be appended to the resolved URL. See the documentation of the Elda library for more details. (For example, see the Elda cribsheet.) Typically, this will be URL encoded, and begin with %26, which is the URL encoding of the & character.%26_format%3Djson

Here are some example lookups:


In current mode, the behaviour of the resolver is as follows:

Resource IRIResolution behaviour
Resource not defined in any version of any vocabularyNot resolved; a resolution attempt yields a "404" page
Resource defined only in superseded version(s)
(i.e., not in any current version of any vocabulary) 
Not resolved; a resolution attempt yields a "404" page
Resource defined in the current version of multiple vocabulariesNot resolved; a resolution attempt yields a "404" page
Resource defined in the current version of one vocabularyRedirected (HTTP Status code 307) to the Elda (SISSVoc) resource page for the resource

Please note that resources will continue to resolve if the vocabulary itself is subsequently deprecated. In order to stop resources from being resolved, it is necessary either to mark the current version as superseded, or to delete it completely.


  1. Create your vocabulary record in RVA.
  2. Add a version to your vocabulary, with its status as "current", and import RDF data into it, either from a PoolParty project, or by uploading SKOS RDF data. Ensure that both of the two checkboxes checkboxes "Import vocabulary into the ANDS Vocabulary Repository" and "Publish vocabulary via the ANDS Linked Data API" are checked.
  3. Publish the vocabulary.
  4. As part of the publication process, the vocabulary data will be loaded into a Sesame repository. That repository will then be queried to find all SKOS ConceptScheme, Collection, and Concept resources in the respository whose IRIs match against the hostnames recorded against your organisation. (See the previous section for details about how to prepare for this.)

Setting up rewriting in your web server