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  1. Search for records

    Default search view Upon load of the Bulk Tagging Tool, all records you have access to through your Data Source Accounts are returned in the search results. This gives you a quick and easy way of viewing and managing all the tags applied to your records.  Performing a text search To conduct a text search: Enter
    Documentation27 Sep, 2021
  2. Vocabulary search

    -events: none; } Performing a search Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 12.42.01.png The Research Vocabularies Australia portal search allows you to search across vocabulary metadata records as well as the resources (SKOS concepts, schemes, collections, etc.) contained within versions of each vocabulary. To perform a search
    Documentation29 Oct, 2019
  3. Search Filter

    To assist you in locating records in record tables with large numbers, a search filter has been incorporated into the Manage Records page. To conduct a search: Enter your search term into the search box. Press enter on the keyboard or click the 'Search' button. Any records with a name or key containing your term
    Documentation29 Oct, 2019
  4. RDA Registry Search Widget

    The RDA Registry Search Widget provides a quick and easy way of embedding a live Research Data Australia (RDA) search or record display within your new or existing web pages. The flexibility of the widget allows you to configure a predefined search, or provide your end users with a text field to specify their own
    Documentation18 Jun, 2020
  5. Bulk Tagging Tool panes

    The Bulk Tagging Tool is a search interface that is made up of four sections or panes:   The Search Pane Use the Search Pane to conduct text searches and apply custom
    Documentation22 Sep, 2021
  6. Widgets & APIs

    Home Widgets & APIs Enhance your existing web pages and services with easy to use widgets and APIs.  Widgets Collections Registry Search Widget The Collections Registry Search Widget provides a quick and easy way of embedding a live Research Data Australia search within your new or existing web pages
    Documentation21 May, 2021
  7. Grant ID Lookup Widget

    to search for a grant using keywords in the following fields – Title, Researcher, Principal Investigator, Managing Institution, Description and Identifier. This widget is powered by the Research Activities API and requires jQuery to function. Grant Searches By default almost all the searches carried out on the search
    Documentation16 Jun, 2020
  8. R15 Announcements / News

    RDA page) : Overview - Introduction to RDA Search - How to search in RDA MyRDA Personalise your search experience in MyRDA Updated Contributor Page help document RIF-CS controlled vocabulary
    Documentation13 Jun, 2018
  9. Indexed Fields

    The originating source of the record, provided in the RIFCS fulltext text_en_splitting A full-text search of the entire record (and ARDC-inferred values) text … `alt` description text_en_splitting The description used for displaying search results. class string The class of the record (one of collection, party
    Documentation24 Oct, 2019
  10. ORCID Researcher Lookup Widget

    The ARDC ORCID Widget allows you to enhance your web form to include the ability to lookup and search for an ORCID ID. This widget is powered by the ORCID … This example shows how to embed a Researcher Lookup tool into your webpage. if you don’t know your ORCID, click Search to search for your ORCID profile if you
    Documentation16 Jun, 2020