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  1. Handle Service Policy Statement

    a resolution service, taking a handle, and providing an HTTP redirect if there is a URL stored in the metadata record for that handle. Where the handle metadata … or the unencoded label is the 'real' label. For example, 'a&b', when URL-encoded, becomes 'a%26b'. The ARDC Handle Service product always generates URL-safe
    Documentation27 May, 2021
  2. Handle Service Home

    Home  ARDC Handle Service Welcome to the the Handle Service documentation page. Explore the possibility minting handles s for your organisation, understand the ways to access the ARDC Handle service, find out the answers to common handle-related questions and learn examples of handle service applications other
    Documentation21 Sep, 2021
  3. Handle Client Registration

    ); Your Test Shared Secret; Your Test Prefix Demo Handle Service URL; and Link to the Handle Service (Identify My Data) Technical Documentation, to guide you … How to Register for the Handle Service Just like any other ARDC services, service participants will have an opportunity to test the service before moving
    Documentation27 May, 2021
  4. Use Case Scenarios

    . Use the Handle Service to mint a handle with the description of the dataset and the accessible URL.   Your minted handle can now be included as a "clickable … the dataset, login to the ARDC Handle service again and update the location details.  Any references to your dataset using the handle will be automatically redirect
    Documentation27 May, 2021
  5. Release 24 (5 July 2017)

    infrastructure migration project we have implemented a new service URL for the Handle Service ( . While we will continue to support the previous URL but we encourage users of the service to migrate to the new URL when convenient. Please refer to the Handle Service documentation for more information
    Documentation13 Jun, 2018
  6. Example Scenario

    the service mints a handle for the URL of the content. At a technical level this would involve an HTTP POST request to the mint service, for example … Assume institution Org1 is developing a content management system (CMS) and wants to integrate the ARDC Handle Service to obtain handles for identifying
    Documentation27 May, 2021
  7. Services Overview

    Service URLs: … To assist providers with setting up their Handle client, the Persistent Identifiers Service (Handle Service) Client developed by CSIRO
    Documentation27 May, 2021
  8. handle-agreement_v2.docx

    Service (Handle Service) Participant Agreement 13 February 2019 More researchers sharing and re-using data more often Purpose This agreement describes … Service (Handle Service). This service forms part of the ARDC Identify My Data product. Background The ARDC Persistent Identifier Web Service (Handle Service
    Documentation / … / Handle Service Home21 May, 2021
  9. handle-agreement_v2.1.docx

    Version 2.1 Page  PAGE 3 of  NUMPAGES 4 Version 2 13 February 2019 ARDC Handle Service Participant Agreement … in the provision and use of ARDC Persistent Identifiers (handles) through the ARDC Handle Service. . Background The ARDC Handle Service allows trusted software
    Documentation / … / Handle Client Registration09 Jul, 2020
  10. Service Discovery

    Consortium (OGC) services referenced within their collection records. The discovery process The process works by identifying possible OGC service URLs within … character sequences (case insensitive) are considered possible service URLs: "wms", "wfs", "ogc", "wcs", "wps", "wmts" and "ows". For each URL discovered
    Documentation27 May, 2021