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Manually Minting/Updating a DOI

Manually Minting a DOI

Organisations are required to provide the minimum metadata requirements to mint a DOI. Below are the required metadata fields:

  • URL - The URL for the landing page of the dataset. 

  • Title - A name or title by which a resource is known.

  • Creators - The main researchers involved in producing the data, or the authors of the publication, in priority order.

  • Publisher - The holder of the data (including archives as appropriate) or institution that submitted the work.

  • Publication Year - The year when the data was or will be made publicly available.

  • ResourceType (with mandatory general type description sub property) - A description of the resource.

There are 2 ways to mint a DOI: 


Managing DOIs

  • Update a DOI: change your DOI metadata, including the URL; change the state of a DOI from Findable (equivalent to Active status) to Registered (equivalent to Inactive status);

  • Delete a draft DOI: draft DOIs have not been registered to the global handle system therefore these DOIs only exist at DataCite Fabrica and can be deleted.

  • DOI states explained: understand the 3 DOI states: Draft, Registered and Findable

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