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Global DOI System Integration

The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) System provides a framework for persistent identification, managing intellectual content, managing metadata, linking customers with content suppliers, facilitating electronic commerce, and enabling automated management of media. DOI names can be used for any form of management of any data, whether commercial or non-commercial. The DOI System is an ISO International Standard which is based on the Handle System.

In order to provide DOI minting services that integrate with the global DOI System an organisation must be registered as an authorised Registration Agency (RA). ARDC is a member of an established International Registration Agency called DataCite. DataCite has developed an infrastructure that supports simple and effective methods of data citation, discovery, and access. Through this DataCite membership, ARDC has become part of the Registration Agency and can offer DataCite DOI services. DataCite addresses the issue of data accessibility by requiring that all data identified by a DataCite DOIs is publicly available (published) via a URL. This means that all DOIs minted through ARDC must resolve to a public landing page that contains information about the associated dataset, collection or grey literature and a direct link to the dataset, collection or grey literature itself.

ARDC is a consortium member of DataCite and also acts as the Consortium Lead.


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