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Many of the vocabularies published at Research Vocabularies Australia have associated vocabulary data that has been imported into the vocabulary repository. If this vocabulary data is defined using SKOS, the portal will provide a simple browse function directly within the vocabulary's portal page.

The browse function provides a tree-like display of the concepts, arranging them by broader/narrower relationships. Here is an example vocabulary page that shows the portal's concept browsing function:

The portal browse function is provided for vocabularies which meet the following requirements:

  • Vocabulary data has been uploaded into the repository, either as a file upload, or by importing from PoolParty.
  • If the vocabulary was uploaded as a file upload:
    • The vocabulary data was uploaded as RDF.
    • The vocabulary defines concepts as SKOS Concepts.
  • The vocabulary is tree-structured: there are no cycles in the broader/narrower relationships.
    • However, polyhierarchies are supported: each instance of a concept is shown in the places it occurs in the broader/narrower hierarchy.

I published a vocabulary, but portal concept browsing is not shown ...

If you have published a vocabulary, and you expect to see portal concept browsing, but do not, here is a checklist of questions to consider.

  • Did you add a version, and import vocabulary data, either from PoolParty, or as a file upload?
  • For a file upload:
    • Did you upload vocabulary data in an RDF format?
    • Does your vocabulary data define concepts using SKOS?
  • Does your vocabulary have a cycle in the broader/narrower relationships? If so, the portal is unable to offer concept browsing. In this case, please consider adding the top concepts manually using the "Top Concepts" section of the portal metadata editor.


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