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On a quarterly basis (normally January, April, July and October) ARDC will run a report across all DOI accounts to identify any broken links associated with DOIs.

URLs will be reported as broken if they return a status code of 400 or higher.


  1. Where broken links are discovered within a DOI account, a Jira issue will be raised with the ARDC Services team and the details of the report published to the DOI Query Tool - Activity Log for the DOI account. 
  2. Upon receipt of the Jira issue the ARDC Services team will contact the DOI account manager to alert them to the broken link issues.

    Due to the nature of DOIs being persistent links and the DOI account owners agreement to maintain DOI persistence, the account manager should work to resolve the broken links as promptly as possible.

  3. Failure to repair broken links may result in the deactivation of a DOI owner's DOI account. For more information on this process please contact

The report is also available as an on demand service via the DOI Query Tool. See the Check DOI Links section for more information.

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