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The Bulk Update functionality provided through My DOIs in the Research Data Australia Registry allows you to perform bulk updates to the URLs assigned to your DOIs. The process uses a find and replace method to identify and update DOI URL values.

If you are changing the domain portion of your URLs to a new domain, you will need to ask the ARDC Services team to add the domain to your account before initiating a bulk URL request. To check the domains currently registered with your account, click the 'App ID Configuration' tab.

Requesting a bulk update

 To request a bulk update:

  1. Select the ‘Bulk Update’ tab.
  2. In the ‘From’ field, enter the string to be matched against the URL values assigned to your DOIs.
  3. In the ‘To’ field, enter the replacement string.
  4. Click the ‘Preview’ button. This will display a preview of the changes which would be applied to your DOI URLs. Note that a maximum of 30 DOIs are displayed in the preview. Refer to the result count under the ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields for the total count of DOIs which would be affected.

    Example of a bulk update preview
  5. If you are happy with the preview, click the ‘Send Bulk Request’ button to confirm the changes. Upon clicking ‘Send Bulk Request’ the following will occur:
  • The system will schedule a background update task for each DOI identified by the bulk update request.
  • The system will write a ‘DOI_BULK_UPDATE’ event to the Activity Log. The event will contain the details of the request.
  • The system will start to process each background update DOI task.
  • Each time a background DOI update task is completed the system will write an ‘UPDATE' event to the Activity Log.
  • When all background DOI update tasks are complete the system will write a ‘DOI_BULK_COMPLETED’ event to the Activity Log.  The event will contain a short summary of the bulk update.

Reviewing the progress of a bulk update

Submitted bulk requests are visible at the bottom of the Bulk Update tab.

  1. Use the ‘Refresh Bulk Requests’ button to retrieve the latest information for each request.

    An in progress bulk update 
  2. The following details are displayed for each bulk request:
    • The percentage of DOIs processed
    • The date and time of the request
    • The Type, From and To parameters
  3. The breakdown of DOI tasks by status: Pending, Completed and Error.
  4. By clicking the Pending, Completed and Error labels you can view a sample (up to 30) of the DOI tasks in each status.
  5. Clicking a DOI row will display the request response for that task.

Request response displayed

Removing completed bulk requests

Completed bulk requests will be visible in your account until they are deleted. Deleting a bulk request simply removes the request from being visible on the Bulk Requests tab. Event information for the requests will still be available in the Activity Log.

To delete a completed bulk request:

  1. Click the ‘Remove Bulk Request’ button displayed with the request you would like to delete. A confirmation will be displayed.
  2. Click ‘OK’ to continue with the delete or ‘Cancel’ to cancel the delete request.

Removing a bulk request

Stopping an in progress request

  • In the event you have accidentally clicked the ‘Send Bulk Request’ for a large update, you will need to contact the ARDC Services team to have the bulk request stopped.
  • If it is a small update then it is very likely the updates will have completed by the time you have made contact with the ARDC Services team.
  • If updates have been successful prior the bulk request being stopped, then you can reverse the changes by submitting another bulk update request with the original ‘From’ and ‘To’ parameters switched.


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