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The Broken Links Report which is run by ARDC on a quarterly basis is available as an on demand report via the 'Check DOI Links' tab. The on demand report differs from the quarterly report in that it is only run across a single DOI account and a report email is sent to the Client Contact Email instead of the ARDC Services team. The details of the report are still published to the DOI Query Tool - Activity Log.

Running the Broken Link Report will initiate HTTP requests to all the URLs assigned to your Production DOIs (non-test prefix). If you have hundreds of DOIs this has the potential to create a lot of traffic for your domains and should be executed with caution. While each request is only for page header information, some servers may struggle with the number of requests, resulting in false positives in the report. To limit potential issues ARDC only ever sends 20 requests at a time.

1. Click on the 'Check DOI Links' tab.

Check DOI Links tab

2. Click the 'Check DOI Links' button shown on the tab. A process bar will be displayed while the report is running.

3. When finished the results of the report run will be displayed.

Check DOI Links Report Details

4. The Activity Log will also be updated with the report details.


DOI Link Check Activity Log entry


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